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Property Maintenance Services

Include but are not limited to the following:

Lawn Care

New Landscape Installation

 Seasonal Clean Up



Weed Control

Fertilization Services


Pine Straw

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Property Maintenance Services

Everyone wants to make an excellent first impression. But have you ever considered what your property says about you? Property maintenance is crucial to an excellent first impression. Whether you are hosting family or friends, planning to rent your property, or, more importantly, listing your property for sale, you want your visitors to remember your property positively.

With this in mind, it’s essential to give special attention to your outdoor spaces. ECOS Property Management offers services to keep your landscaping attractive and healthy.  Increase the value of your property and leave the work to the experts of ECOS Property Management.

Property maintenance doesn’t have to be overwhelming with the right partner to care for your needs. Avoid costly consequences or dangerous hazards from repairs left unattended by calling ECOS Property Management for a quote today. Keep your property in its best shape with an expert partner in property maintenance.

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Property Management

Rental Property

Whether you live in a property or own it as an investment, you care about it.  As a tenant, it is where you live and interact with family and friends and carry out your daily routine.  As an investor, your property is part of your plan for the future and legacy.

We begin with a market assessment of your property to determine how to generate the most income for you while creating a stable plan for the long term.  We are dedicated to the care of your property, finding and securing qualified applicants and maintaining great relationships with both owners and tenants.




Common Use/Facilities Management



Budget Management

Financial Oversight

Community Associations

We work with association boards, committees, membership and developers as well as local government municipalities to provide the level of management your community deserves. We tailor our services to your goals for your community. Our team provides quality service through face-to-face interaction. We are just a phone call away, but we can do something out of town companies cannot. We can show up for you when you need us. 

Working with your association’s board, we will outline specific requirements for managing your community and carry out those duties as if we lived in the community ourselves. This allows all homeowners to rest assured to enjoy their lives and neighbors as the needed maintenance and fiduciary items are carried out efficiently. 


Accounting • Financial Oversight • Budget Management

Property Management and Maintenance

Architectural Control
Environmental • Grounds Care
Security • Docks/Marina


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